Our Ethical Promise to you

We will sooner shut down than sell you out.

Ethical Promise


We do just one thing: Authentication.   We think we're pretty good at it.   We do not believe that how you use our services is the business of anyone else, ever.

Our sites, services, and apps:

We promise not to reveal anything about you or your use of our services to anyone, ever.   And that includes governments, spy agencies, courts, or anyone.

To reveal anything, opens up an opportunity for impersonation.   It also risks your own security, which is why we never allow it.   Because we don't store personal or client usage information and we don't do identity or authorization, we maintain an immutable belief that there is no reason anyone else could need what we've got.

Our Appliances:

Some of our clients use CryptoPhoto security appliances.   These are independent of our control; and to which we do not have access.   We obviously cannot disclose information about systems we do not control or access, not that we ever would (or will) even if we did (or do) anyhow.

Our Business:

We will sooner shut down than break our promise.   If we do shut down, it will be because someone tried to compel us to reveal something, and our best efforts to fight it failed.
Even if we claim we closed for any other reason.

Rest assured - we're not stupid.   We are incorporated for your protection in carefully chosen legal jurisdictions, with battle-hardened machines co-located in battle-hardened premises on battle-tested continents, with services sourced from protective suppliers; plus we've fought and won in courts before, and strengthened our position in the process.   We know security; that includes technical, as well as legal, jurisdictional, and peripheral as well.   You're safe with us.

To our appliance customers: your CryptoPhoto solution is not dependent on our business.   It will always work, irrespective of the legal status and/or existence of our business.   It will never stop working.


Chris Drake. Founder, director, shareholder.
For and on behalf of all CryptoPhoto entities and staff.