Easily protect all customers against modern attacks and scams.


Key Benefits

  • Prevent scams, social-engineering, malware and other security issues from being able to work against your customers.
  • Easily protect all customers against modern attacks and scams, including online, telephone, and in-person.
  • Block phishing attacks from stealing customer credentials.
  • Simplify and secure transactions, globally, 24/7, using our 1-tap out-of-band signing.
  • Make customer logins faster and easier, but also AAL3-strength secure.
  • Quickly eliminate fraud losses, and reduce customer support costs.

10 Reasons to use CryptoPhoto for Banking.

CryptoPhoto is purpose-designed to secure your biggest threat: your users themselves.  Before now, you had no control over the health of end-user computer systems, of the safety of their password practices, or of how users or staff fall prey to scams, social-engineering, or malware.

CryptoPhoto cleverly solves all that, elevating your Authentication Assurance Level to AAL3 - the world's strongest possible rating available under NIST SP800-63-3, the world's newest and most comprehensive security standard.

Perhaps even more importantly, CryptoPhoto makes end-user logins and transaction signing both fast and easy.  A typical high-security user action takes less than 2 seconds and needs no training, while a typical user enrollment takes under 2 minutes and less than half a dozen easy steps; both those are 10 times faster than competing (and legacy) solutions, none of which offer top-strength security anyway.

10 times faster for users to log in

CryptoPhoto works with as little as one-tap, typically taking less than 2 seconds to complete.  We also offer the option to securely stop using passwords, making customer logins with CryptoPhoto even faster than they are without it.

10 times easier to complete a login

CryptoPhoto opens automatically the instant it's needed: no tokens to find, no apps to learn, no training needed to stay fully secure.

10 times more secure

9 out of 10 incidents are caused by the human-factor exploits that CryptoPhoto specifically, and uniquely, prevents.  We believe that makes CryptoPhoto 10 times more important and/or secure than other solutions you may be investigating.

10 times faster and easier to set up (enroll)

Our obsessive dedication to improved user experience makes us the world leaders in rapid secure enrollment.  Head-to-head against other industry products, your users can be securely enrolled and using CryptoPhoto in one tenth of the time it would take from our nearest competitor.

10 times faster and easier to integrate with existing banking systems

Deployable via WAF (no code changes) or direct integration (minor change to logins and transactions), and never touching user identity or personal information, CryptoPhoto is both technically and administratively simple and rapid to deploy.  Our quickest bank-integration to-date took just 2 weeks (one week technical, one week compliance).

10 fold reduction in customer social-engineering incidents

CryptoPhoto blocks almost all human factor exploits outright [no matter how unsophisticated your user might be, there's simply no way the scam can proceed against them, not even if the victim wanted it to], and for the few left over, we sit cleverly in-between customer and scammer with the facility to produce (out of band, on their phone) real-time, full-screen, interactive warnings and advice to prevent even the most gullible users from falling prey to even the most sophisticated scams.

10 fold reduction in consumer fraud losses

With 9 out of every 10 successful attacks being attributable to the human-factor exploits we block, CryptoPhoto offers a huge reduction in direct fraud losses, with additional savings in customer support and fraud-related administration costs.

10 times more international coverage

CryptoPhoto works home and abroad, with and without cellular and/or data coverage, 24/7/365.

10 times more convenient

No extra gadgets to carry, no complicated usage or rules to know - CryptoPhoto is with your customers at all times, ready to secure them every time they need it.

3 times more useful - works online, over the phone, and in-person.

Authentication is only effective when it works everywhere.  CryptoPhoto enables strong, mutually-authenticated identification online (for websites, apps, and other 1st party and 3rd party digital bank services), over the telephone (for both incoming and outgoing calls for your call centers, managers, staff, and others, between both customers as well as staff), and in-person (in branches, at meetings and conferences, appointments, etc).  CryptoPhoto's "Verifier Impersonation Resistance" prevents staff and users alike from being trickable by scams or social engineers.

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