Cloud and Hosting

Protect your customers against themselves: add scam, phish, malware, and social-engineering protection to logins and critical customer actions.

Cloud and Hosting

Key Benefits

  • Protect your customers against themselves: add scam, phish, malware, and social-engineering protection to logins and critical customer actions.
  • Defend your staff and your end users against sophisticated attacks, including malware, scam phone callers, social-engineers, and more.
  • Save your customer resources from harm and protect your brand and reputation by blocking both end-user and in-house mistakes alike.
  • Supercharge server protection using CryptoPhoto's out-of-band encryption and API key provisioning, multifactor on SSH, sudo, etc, and more.
  • Increase the uptake of strong authentication across your user base by making their logins ten times faster and easier.
  • Trust no one: CryptoPhoto's duty-separation architecture isolates trust.  Eradicating single-point-of-failure simultaneously blocks technical, human/social, and collusive attacks all at once.
  • Deliver end-to-end encrypted solutions, including out-of-band actions like remote-server restart with full disk encryption, letting customers safely manage their own mistake-resilient access and keys.
  • CryptoPhoto provides the industry's highest-assurance security strength: NIST SP800-63-3 "AAL3".

Cloud and Hosting

Your users are under siege.  CryptoPhoto gives you the power to prevent them being tricked by scammers, phishing, social engineers, and credential-theft malware - drastically reducing your support burden and saving your reputation and customer data alike.

CryptoPhoto introduces high-security fool-proof authentication for your users.  It is a simple-to-install add-on to your existing admin solution, and takes less than 10 minutes to set up in most situations, or less than 1 day to integrate with bespoke or custom systems.  It works within your website, it works with all popular web control panel and hosting packages, and it works on all popular server platforms with all popular services (including ssh, sudo, etc).  It also works over-the-phone and in-person; making it reliably fast and easy for your staff to know the difference between a customer and a scammer.

It takes on-average less than 2 seconds to use (that's 10 times faster than 2FA), and takes less than 2 minutes for customers to activate (if you pull out a stopwatch, you'll find that this too is 10 times faster than most 2FA).  CryptoPhoto can optionally, and safely, replace passwords, making customer-logins even faster and easier that they are right now, even though you're getting AAL3 highest-industry-strength security.

CryptoPhoto offers a variety of pricing options specifically for hosting providers, including revenue-sharing user-pays implementations; contact us to learn how you can earn money making logins safer and faster for your users.

The secure out-of-band key provisioning in CryptoPhoto gives your customers a safe and reliable way to handle API keys, Crptocurrency Wallets, DB passwords, and other sensitive material while helping prevent these secrets from falling into the wrong hands. [Try our demo below for an example]

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